SACRED, band from Barcelona founded in 2000 by 4 members from other bands of the region, Uri Canalias( Voice), Jose Manuel Nuñez (drums), David Trujillo (bass) and JC (guitar).


With this formation SACRED recorded its first Demo "HIDDEN SECRETS", its second Demo "SACRED" and its first official album called BEYOND THE END OF THE WORLD (mastered in Germany by Tommy Newton, famous by mastering the Keeper of the seven Keys of Helloween) with quite good acceptance from the audience, in fact, it was distributed at an international level.


When things seemed to be working out, JC (guitar) leaves the band because of some music discrepancies with the rest of the members.


After a lot of castings they decided to incorporate two new guitars to the band and that is when Albert Valiente and Francesc Coloma joined SACRED, really two monsters of the six strings. This is how the band become a quintet.


SACRED waited for a period of time to compose and also get well connected before starting the recording of their album, "TRANSITIONS". This second album of the band has been mastered out of our frontiers, this time in the U.S.A., at the Sterling Sound Studios of New York, looking for an up-to-date sound but never loosing their identity as a band.




"Transitions" (2006) – Recorded and mixed at the B+B studios from Barcelona, mastered at the Sterling Sound, New York City


"Beyond the End of the World" (2004) – Recorded at Wheel Production Studios from Barcelona , Mixed at Music Factory Studios by Christian Shmid (Germany), Mastered at Area 51 Studios by Tommy Newton (Germany)