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Christian Bindah Aka Soular235 - The Biography of: A Lyrical Philosopher

“Now my goal is to educate this world to the best of my ability through my own personal experience. Since this game is changing, in my heart I know that I can make a difference. I vow on my soul, I will never give up until the gates of heaven open up, and God himself calls me out”

Christian Bernard Bindah, a.k.a Soular 235, was born in Queens Bridge, NY, but not long after his birth his parents relocated to the borough of stars, Brooklyn, New York. Unlike some, Soular 235 came from an encouraging family where his mother worked hard to provide the necessities he needed in life, but this life he lived would be shattered full of pain after his mother passed unexpectly to unknown elements. Lost and confused, and not knowing what next to do, he became inspired by his loss, and nurtured by his Mentor George Shannon, a gifted rapper as well as a musical engineer who began teaching him music through his own lyrics. Eventually Soular235 put his basketball dreams behind him to pursue his true calling, Rap. Performing in Canada, New Zealand, and Germany he is fully buzz worthy to take the USA by storm. To date there has been no one with the youth and capability to utter pure lyrical precision that cuts over a track like a hot knife thru butter. With over 30,000 mix CDs sold, and distributed internationally it’s definitely his time to shine.

Relating to the individual pain and happiness of life is what he brings to the forefront, and as a repayment, foreign countries has taken note of Soular235 and has embraced this lyrical monster “I realized that I’ve become much stronger through people’s criticism than ever, I’m basically known as a workaholic to my friends as well as my enemies”. The game has definitely changed, and with the mic in hand, and a confident team backing him, he will continue to share his stories from over 64 mix tapes. Soular235 humbly steps into the mainstream scene with a persistence and confident swagger rarely seen in a freshman. Vowing to never give up on his fight as a new school contender, he will continue to grind until success has manifested itself as Hip Hop and only then will SOULAR 235 be truly free of his pain.


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