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@JamesBray, 01/19/09 07:07:20PM
If you want a web where to advertise your music, with an account of 2gb of space on disc, to raise your music and videoes, to have a virtual shop where to sell your CD and songs, forums, fans' club and much more. Multilanguage.
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Tall T
About Tall T

Born and raised in Southern California, Tall T grew up in an environment that inspired his lyrical abilities.  Exposure to violence in the streets, at school, and from gangs changed how Tall T viewed the world around him.  In time, Tall T learned to channel what his eyes had witnessed into creative mediums such as art, poetry, and most recently songwriting. 

As part of a musical family, Tall T searched musical instruments to find sounds that could support his ever growing lyrical abilities.  Tall T began first with a piano and a guitar but quickly advanced to hip-hop and R&B production; at which time his lyricism, songwriting, childhood experiences and musical gifts all converged and a hip-hop powerhouse was born.  

With the help of his brother and fellow producer Young Saf, this eighteen-year-old emcee has crafted a sound that captures the attention and admiration of a growing audience of eager listeners.