The Chameleon

About The Chameleon

Created in 1994, Chameleon Music specializes in providing original music and sound design for a wide range of media:                                                                                                              TV / Live Theatre / Multi-Media Events / Radio / Advertising /
Corporate Presentations
  / Film

Chameleon Music is run by Mark Taylor, with all of the composing, arranging, performing and recording done in his own private studio. In the last 13 years, Mark has provided music and general sound design for productions all over the world - USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Panama, Ireland, and mainland Europe.

Mark also creates his own unique brand of chilled electronica as 'The Chameleon'. The tracks available for download are from his critically acclaimed 'Pink Moon' CD. 

Chameleon Music is a full member of the PRS (Performing Rights Society).

Clients in the last 12 months include:
US Sci-Fi series 'Altered Sanctuary' – 5 minutes of music for the pilot episode’s ‘Dream Sequence’.                                                                                   BBC World Service - 2 pieces of music for a short documentary.

MSN / Chevrolet Malibu – 3 minutes of music for an online advert.
Incidental Music for critically acclaimed film director Luanne Beck’s new film ‘Bridging the Gap’.

Novelist Maria Isabel Pita has just used a piece written by Mark in a video promo for her new book ‘Safe Words and Spells’.


Chameleon Music is a composer contributor to a number of prominent online production Companies including (New York).