The Fith Syndrome
About The Fith Syndrome

Since the turn of the millennium the Gold Coast music scene has undergone some serious changes. Live venues disappeared to make way for poker machines and pill popping DJ’s, and as for the bands, well where do I start, they come and they go, line-ups change, friends become enemies and a lucky few become rock stars, or at least think they do. Amongst all the turmoil there is one thing that has stayed true, THE FITH SYNDROME (T.F.S.).

Formerly known as FACELESS, Mike Litfin (Vocals), Andrew Glinster (Guitar), Brett Gabriel (Bass) and Dave Lambert (Drums) have in the past 6 years co-written, produced and recorded two fully self funded EP’s including “Stare Inside My Mind” (2000) and “The F.I.T.H. Syndrome” (2004), as well as over 20 new tracks which are yet to be released. T.F.S. have also appeared on several compilation CD’s including “Visibility A Visible Noise Sampler” (2001), “Krankit 01” (2001), and “A Taste of our Rock Hard Lyx” (2004). They have also ventured into the world of video with soundtrack appearances on the “Surf & Travel Australia Vol.1 Video” (2001) and the “Risk Assessment Moto-X DVD” (2004).

“Stare Inside My Mind” was the debut release for T.F.S. (then known as FACELESS), showcasing the intent and direction of their nu-breed metal. The EP delivered a mix of raw guitars, phat bass lines, thumping beats and a brutally diverse vocal assault. Recorded by close friend and former KOIL front man Chris Urquhart, the “Stare Inside My Mind” EP was recorded in 2 days and entirely self funded by T.F.S. They released a small run of 500 copies which sold out very quickly at live shows and local music stores.

In Mid 2002, T.F.S. (still known as FACELESS) headed back into the studio with well known Australian Metal producer Dave Leonard at Modern Music. They recorded and mixed 10 tracks in 8 days then selected six of them for a follow up EP release. The tracks where then mastered by Steve Smart at Sydney’s 301 Studio. In early 2004, after months of live shows, promotions and preparations the EP was released nationally through MGM Distribution under the title “The F.I.T.H. Syndrome”. The EP showcased the growth of the band with its variations of styles, mixed emotions and musical creativity.

Since the release of “The F.I.T.H. Syndrome EP” the band has gained a lot of attention from record labels within Australia and the USA. In Mid 2005 the band signed an international distribution deal with Sonic Wave International (USA) to re-release “The F.I.T.H. Syndrome EP” worldwide. After researching the American record industry the band discovered that FACELESS was quite a popular band name in the USA, and after some strict legal advice the band changed there name to the title of the 2004 EP The FITH Syndrome. In January 2006 the EP was released worldwide under the name of the opening track “Self Inflicted”. Shortly after, the band signed a management deal with Shawn Barusch of Hollowpoint Management (USA) who is working with the band to embark on a tour of the U.S.A. later this year.