The Grand Illusion

About The Grand Illusion

Coming back from a journey to the golden city of Prague. Where, Shane Neiman taught the less unfortunate of the city, English and Rock n Roll. In exchange the locals taught him the value of grand culture and the art of entertainment. From the mists of that journey comes the alternative rock n Roll of the Grand Illusion, which features on their Debut Album “The Blues Can Kill You”. The Album is about the want of the price of Rock n Roll and what it can do to you, the price most entertainers of that Gene of music end up paying; Elvis, The Stones, Berry and Cash are given a good mention on the play list of This Magnum Opus. But the Album doesn’t always go for the Jugular, and indeed the early songs of the CD are catchy pop ditties and Hip Pop (a blend of hip hop and pop), Before the Excess of Rock n Roll comes crashing in on the later songs. So the Album is a great mix of Divine impromptu e.g. “Da Vinci Knew it all” to the Scandalous rock of “Rock n Roll Rebels”. Enjoy!