Tom Marcellis Band

About Tom Marcellis Band

Known for their dynamic and energizing live performances, the Tom Marcellis Band is one of the best up and coming acts in the country. They are currently in the studio recording the follow up to their very successful debut album.

Tom Marcellis has been a touring musician and recording artist for over 15 years. Three years ago, what started as jam sessions in his teaching studio has become one of the most eclectic and vital musical collaborations on tour.

Celebrated for their soaring improvisational and experimental compositions, the ensemble that makes up the TMB sound is among the tightest around.

With compositions ranging from dark southern ballads, to Brazilian jazz to psychedelic funk and r&b, Tom Marcellis is an internationally acclaimed musician, singer and songwriter. Charting new territory on their musical explorations, the TMB are being compared by critics to such tremendous bands as “The Grateful Dead”, “The Allman Brothers Band”, “Little Feat” and many others.

Like their studio debut, the new album highlights a number of new songs written both on the road and in the studio as well as a few classic previously unrecorded audience favorites. The new album (yet to be named) is expected to hit the shelves in the fourth quarter of 2007 and also features some surprise guests.

The Tom Marcellis Band will be performing a series of club, theater and festival dates in support of their up coming release including stops in the South, Northeast, Midwest and West Coast. With an ever growing loyal and dedicated fan base their is no doubt that this band is rising fast to success.