tony and the ottband

About tony and the ottband

Well, that starts with me - Tony Mcgarrett. I've been sitting at home with my trusty guitar writing songs for a few years now. I'd been to studios with a few producers before and had always come out with a load of rubbish but last year I got given the number of this guy Pete in Streatham, went round his place with my little 8-track, downloaded a song, gave him some general instructions and ideas and left him to it. A few days later he called me and I shot round there, feeling excited as I had felt this guy would be different from the potato-heads I had wasted my time and spondulicks with before. He whacked on the song and sure enough - what a load of **** - I thought. So I said, "Tell you what, Pete, do 4 more hours on it... turn that up... that down...". A few days later Pete called again and I went back. He put it on and.. WOW! - that's my sound! - and for the first time I knew I had a song ("Do You Wanna?") and we have not looked back
Once we had 10 songs sorted I stuck an ad in Loot and started putting together a band.

The line-up of the band currently includes:
Kevin - bass, Kingsley - drums, Chris - Sax, Roy and Ash - Trumpets, Linda and Jasmine - keyboards, Karl - guitars, Anna and me on vocals plus extra musos when there's room on stage. Have a listen to what we sound like on the JUKEBOX page. Hope you like it, and if you do, come and see us somewhere LIVE soon.

TT and the OTT Band