True Margrit

About True Margrit

After the release of True Margrit’s 4th album SEAWORTHY (released on BoboTunes Records and distributed internationally by BURNSIDE DISTRIBUTION CORP)-- the band has undertaken an ongoing series of regional tours of the west coast. In May 2006, the act also ventured to the east coast for a few introductory shows in Boston and NYC. This persistent touring, along with west coast record-store listening stations, podcasts, radio play, universally positive reviews (plus visibilty on and myspace ) is generating buzz for the piano-pop trio from San Francisco.

On SEAWORTHY True Margrit presents a lyric-driven variety of witty-yet-raw piano-pop. Topically, SEAWORTHY navigates the waters of interpersonal politics, vanity, history, time-travel, and mortality; and musically it merrily knocks genres on their ears, by smearing and stretching stride-piano into retro-pop and even touching upon a periphery of neo-prog-rock. True Margrit's sound is fueled by singer/songwriter/ piano-player Margrit Eichler's distinctive alto, her percussive/melodic piano, and by the fleet-yet-muscular rhythm-section of Gary Hobish on bass and Andrew Bacon on drums. SEAWORTHY's arrangements are fleshed out with guitar, cello, oboe, bassoon, sax, and flute by an array of Bay Area guest stars including Pam Delgado and Jeri Jones (of Blame Sally).

Although reminiscent of Ben Folds, The Decemberists, Fiona Apple, Elvis Costello, and Aimee Mann, True Margrit has an easily recognizable sound all its own, that explores the tension between what is catchy and what is complex.

True Margrit has probably played near you (or will be playing at some point soon) in a solo or band jaunt from NYC to Seattle to Los Angeles (or beyond) in nightclubs, cafes, theatres, radio & television stations, and sailboats.