About UnXplained

The Most Requested Hip Hop Duo in the Carolinas has been in the game for over ten years and they're just getting started. When it comes powerful lyrics, strong stage performances, and having crowd control this group knows how to handle it. Coming from the slums of Spartanburg S.C. Teddy"T.Loc" Mckissick and Derrick "Dirty D" Ofori created a style of music unheard of before in the Hip Hop scene. Labeled S.L.U.M (southern life underground muzik) this new style incorporates the realest true to heart lyrics over mind blowing soulful African rhythm music. Dirty D states, "Slum is not only our style of music, but it's our way of life. It refers to our mentally, clothes, cars, homes, and music." Growing up in the low income part of town these two are accustom to street life and all its ups and downs. "You won't hear me talking about how much dope I push, because I never sold it before. But I do have people close to me who do slang, and since somebody has to tell the story I tell it through their eyes," says T. Loc What really makes this group stand apart from others is their ability to create lasting trends. Whether its wearing three piece suits on stage holding a pit bull or dressed Slummed clothes rolling up in an benz S500. This is just an example of how dynamic this duo is and why they will be the first breakout group from South Carolina!