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I love music! I work 3 jobs, have 3 kids ,help promo bands, work out at the gym and in my spare time go to my friends shows ,do reviews and take pics to show support.  I always take on more then I can chew because we only live once. Currently I am hoping that someday I can get a freelance job doing writing for a magazine.  Anyways thanks for stopping in to check me out.






By warriorgirl, 2010-02-13

&nbsp;RYTE AZ RAIN <br />Category: Music RYTE AZ RAIN is a local band formed by BOB MITELLO(drums), CHUCK HAMILTON(bass), CHUCK WELLINGTON(guitar),BOB DIAMOND(guitar) and SAMMY WILSON(vox), providing the music that fans of the rock/metal generation love to hear.&nbsp;<br />A lot of us grew up with 80's metal. Such as AC/DC, AEROSMITH, TESLA,&nbsp;and KINGDOM COME, but also enjoyed bands in the 90's such as ALICE IN CHAINS and CREED.<br />RYTE AZ RAIN took on the task of covering these great bands, which in return,instantly gained fans shouts and wails of&nbsp;approval. As&nbsp;the night went on,&nbsp;audience members began to liven up even more.<br />Girls took to the front of the stage dancing. Guys waved fists and headbanged in sync, and BOB well,<br />For those of you that don't know&nbsp;BOB DIAMOND, he's a very fun, energetic person who is not shy when it comes to the passion he has for his craft, so it came as no surprise when he jumped off stage and started&nbsp;scooting across the floor while playing guitar on his back,then turning around in circles while laying on his side.&nbsp;<br />After seeing the show, I'd say&nbsp;the band really knew how to bring down the house and provide the recipe for success.&nbsp;Thanks guys for a wonderful fun evening! Much continued success.<br />Check em out&nbsp;on their facebook page: RYTE AZ RAIN or on <a href="http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vTXVzaWNSdXNoLmNvbQ==">MusicRush.com</a> RYTE AZ RAIN.<br /><br />&nbsp;By Jodi Landes&nbsp;&nbsp;

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