Young Grim
About Young Grim

Born and Raised in Central Los Angeles Deon Dirks AKA Young Grim grew up during the late 80s. and became a fan of hip hop the moment he was introduced to artists and groups such as the Beastie Boys, Fat Boys, LL Cool J, and Run DMC. However it wasnt until he heard NWA that he fell in love with hip hop, because NWA spoke to his reality. They gave a voice to what was happening in his neighborhood. It is with that same realism insight and objectivity that Grim approaches his music. Grim has been actively writing and performing for the past 7 years. His career began as part of the Pentagon, a well known underground rap group. As a member of the group, he gained a very loyal fan base, valuable experience as an artist, and performer. Due to Grims excellent musical ability he soon became the lead member. Despite the relative success of the group, Grim felt the need to produce music with greater substance verses primarily focusing on partying and clubbing. After much discussion, he decided to leave the group and began work on his solo career, with the intent to produce music with greater substance It is with this determination that Grim brings forth his debut album As "Grim As It Gets"

Music Career

Not since the debut of Ice Cubes Death Certificate has an artist painted a more realistic picture of what life is like in South Central Los Angeles, bringing even more versatility then his predecessors. This is something very few West Coast artists can offer, which is why I jumped at the chance to work with him". Exclaims Vic, owner and Cofounder of S And T Records, however, if you ask Grim he will be the first to say he has much farther to go and this album puts him on the right path. No stranger to the ills of South Central, Grim draws from his own experiences of growing up in poverty, and living in a drug infested community, plagued by gang violence, to produce "street bangers" such as Westside, Do My Thang, and I Dont Wanna Die. But the show doesnt stop there, Burn Rubber, Im the Shyt, Hey DJ, and Young Grim, features the type of music that made him a fan favorite, critics have already labeled his debut album an underground classic

2pac, snoop, NWA, Ice-T, Nas, Rakim, LL Cool j, DJ Quik, Above the Law, Dr. Dre