Christian Rap, Hip Hop and R&B

By yshwa4life, 2007-08-14

<font size="2">...what&#39;s your take?<br /><br />I&#39;m a firm believer in evangelism. I think that it&#39;s at the very center of Gods heart. Naturally discipleship is the next step; but folks need to hear the message of the gospel first in a way that they can identify with right?<br /><br />For instance...if a town full of bakers had never heard of Jesus Christ...how would you help them understand who He was? By explaining the intricate details of heart surgery? Of course not. You&#39;d probably try and use something that they were familiar with so that they could &quot;identify&quot; with what your saying. More than likely you&#39;d talk of preparation in relationship to time, or how important it is not to use too much yeast and what it would do if they did, maybe having a cake baking contest and stressing the importance of following your directions exactly as prescribed. Then ending your presentation with a perfectly baked cake (without blemish), possibly compared to one that was made without following the &quot;special recipe&quot; (in relation to the Christ and the sinfulness of man).<br /><br />Of course this is an over-simplified illustration but you get the point right? People need to be able to call Him &quot;their&quot; Saviour... a Messiah that is willing to meet them where they are in a profoundly personal way with the truth of God and who He is.<br /><br />...that&#39;s my two cents. </font><!-- google_ad_section_end -->