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About Zerzsez

What makes someone POP? Being a Person of quality position can be described as seeking excellence in everything you aim to achieve within your life, and the lives of others. It is very clear that music can have a powerful and healing impact on many things. As an artist, I personally aim towards making a positive impact.


Can you believe that is his first name? Zerzsez is an independent musician from Green Bay. His sound can be described as a cross between old school hip-hop with a dance music vibe. “When I first went to a club Vibes, years ago, and heard house, I couldn’t believe all the energy behind it. You instantly get the itch to dance. When it comes to recording music, I always enjoy trying to come up with something that is completely unique. Why not try to create new things?” He believes that with a solid educational foundation coupled with the strong drive and determination, anything is possible.
Creating music and becoming an entertainer are two of his main goals. One of his earliest experiences with playing music was in middle school with the clarinet. He later dabbed his foot modeling, and signed to First Choice when he was a teenager. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Platteville in 2003 with a business degree, he has more time to devote towards recording music.

POP (people of quality position) is an independent single release consisting of 6 fresh tracks for your speakers. Peace!

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