Angelica Tucker

About Angelica Tucker

BIOGRAPHY OF ANGELICA TUCKER Angelica was born July 30, 1987 at West Pace's Ferry Hospital in Atlanta, GA and grew up in the Atlanta area. Her father is the owner of Haywood's Recording Studios (legendary) in Atlanta, so Angelica was surrounded by quality music as she was growing up, with many differences and many categories of style. She has sung for professional sports teams, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the Trumpet awards, the Auburn Festival, and the Festival of the Trees. She has performed at the Bell Ringing Celebration of the M. L. King Center, for the Lee Harper Dancers, and at many other occasions. She is a highly sought after songwriter and lyricist by some of the biggest hip-hop producers presently. In her recent single, "Song of Life”, however, she began to branch out into other genres. The present album, “I Spread My Wings&” continues in this vein. It is a unique mixture of Classical and Soul with many beautiful melodies. It is clean and uplifting music, but at the same time very creative and original.

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