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By Salvatore Canzonieri, 2007-05-17

Electric Frankenstein ROCKS! Vocalist/lead guitarist Steve Miller ROCKS! Rhythm guitarist Sal Canzonieri ROCKS! Bassist Dan Canzonieri ROCKS! Drummer Rob Sefcik ROCKS! Let me reiterate the obvious, folks: Electric Frankenstein ROCKS, and like a ****, too! On this latest edition of monstrous musical mayhem from the scariest crypts, lairs, and laboratories in all of New Jersey, the snarling growling EF creatures set a raging out-of-control fire beneath the dirty, soiled pants of Rock n&#39; Roll with an overly intense vengeance. It&#39;s a loud, overpowering jolt of pure, uncontainable energy in the form of screaming, mercilessly flailing vocals and hard-driving, balls-out instrumentation that brutally murders the ears and knocks the listener absolutely senseless. <p>Besides the visually mind-blowing CD insert artwork and the enormously roaring music itself, this particular EF release possesses another blatant topic of uniqueness. These 14 tracks are the extreme ultimate favorite songs of the band originally recorded during various sessions the past 15 years and then tucked away in a vault for safekeeping, only to be recently unearthed and re-recorded for the benefit of EF fans and Rock n&#39; Roll enthusiasts alike. </p><p>Deafening faves include &quot;Burn Bright, Burn Fast,&quot; &quot;Fired Up For Action,&quot; &quot;Spit It Out!,&quot; &quot;Just For You,&quot; &quot;Hey! (Kiss Your Life Goodbye),&quot; &quot;New World Whore,&quot; and &quot;Rock City Rocks&quot;. Holy ****! I&#39;ve just been electrocuted by the sizzlin&#39; hell-hot sounds of Electric Frankenstein, and now I&#39;m burnin&#39; brighter and faster than I could have ever imagined. Pour some water on me quick!</p>

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Electric Frankenstein
About Electric Frankenstein

Electric Frankenstein is the epitome of rock and roll, with a punk attitude that is rarely rivaled. 13 years, over 100 record releases, and more! EF has almost single-handedly returned rock to its most basic and savage roots, the way it was meant to be. They have been receiving international acclaim for their exciting brand of High Energy Punk Rock and Roll, done with the great intensity of such bands as the Stooges, MC5, Dead Boys, NY Dolls, Ramones, Damned, Black Flag, Misfits, AC/DC, Kiss, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, Motorhead, and other favorites.

With their rock solid underground following firmly in tow, Electric Frankenstein has appealed to a broad spectrum of listeners. Incorporating punk rock, metal and especially good old fashioned Rock and Roll, EF has created a sound that is unparalleled and often looked upon in awe. These New Jersey stalwarts have had an unsurprisingly fearsome influence on modern music, paving the way for The Hives, The White Stripes, The D4, and other new Rock bands.

With music appearing on over 100 records, including albums, compilations, singles and 7-Inches, there is no harder working band in Rock N Roll today.

Electric Frankenstein is a movement, a working-mans answer to what is missing from popular music in the world today; straight-up, raw, in-your-face, combustible Rock N Roll. Electric Frankenstein simply has no equal - The World's Greatest High Energy Punk Rock & Roll band!