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Fenix Down
Biography: Created in 1998 by Tony Hanson, Fenix Down has brought something unique to the underground music scene.  Together as a 6 piece they have successfully combined the influences of Final Fantasy, video game soundtrack, Hard Rock, and metal to form what they have coined as "Video Game Rock".  Since creation the band gathered an impressive collection of awards and achievements in areas such as songwriting, performance, and individual skill. 
The band is hard working and eager to do more.  As of (Jan 2007) they have begun working on their own video game ,planned for release, on Xbox and windows platform. Also they have created a fantasy based online comic, gaining fans in all fantasy based social circles. Today Fenix Down receives over 5,000 hits /month.  If you were ever looking for something different in today's music, you've found it! Fenix Down's popularity is growing by leaps and bounds, Check then out @ www.fenixdown.com as well many other places on the web.