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By April Simpson, 1995-05-26

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How to retrieve hacked ATT Email account

It will be a really stressing situation when you see that your email account has been hacked and you are unable to retrieve it. Now you would be thinking, how to get out of this hassle? So the best way recommended is to read this post till the end and get the solution. Alternatively, you can connect with ATT Email customer support number to avail guidance from the technical executives. The helpline stays accessible round the clock.

But before you initiate the troubleshooting, it is important to identify the possible causes and then derive a relevant solution. A compromised account can be very dangerous because there is always a risk of personal data loss. Have a glance at the symptoms that show your account has been hacked –

  • There are spams being sent from your email address to your contacts
  • There is no email received by you and there are missing emails
  • There is an overload of bounce back emails that are not sent by you
  • There are unknown emails in your sent folder

The given ways will help you in regaining the control to your account. But that can only be possible when you have access to your email. Because most of the time when the users complain about hacked account they are not able to log in.

Solutions to retrieve hacked ATT Email account

  1. Change your account password – the first step is to change your ATT Email password and make it stronger and non-guessable by others to minimize the hacking attack
  2. Update account security questions and answers – when you created your ATT account, you set some questions for recovery. So just update them by creating new ones.
  3. Secure your computer – make your computer safe against the malware, virus or other threats. Use an anti-malware software and get the threats detected. Also, make sure that your operating system is up to date

Users should also review and update their email settings to save their account. If you are still in doubt and want an instant solution then you should reach out to ATT Email Contact Number where the technical experts will help you in the best possible way.

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Pandora on Roku

  • Get to stream the best songs on this very own Roku streaming device by subscribing the channel with the assistance of the specified instructions.
  • Execute the after finishing the below instructions and hear the finest tracks in no time.


Pandora features you can make use of

Read below to know about the features that you can look out in the Pandora channel Roku

  • Navigation controls will help you to get hold of the Pandora accounts and tracks you saved in the channel
  • Go to Settings to modify and alter any changes that you would like to do in the Home screen button

Pandora subscription services

Even though the Pandora channel is available for free, you can opt for the premium plans provided by the Pandora channel without any hindrances. Each and every plan has a specific feature and many add-ons that you can utilize.

Pandora Free subscription

  • Generate custom playlist
  • Share your feedback
  • Give your favorite songs, thumbs up

Pandora Plus

  • Don't want commercials in between while playing your favorite track? then you have to choose this subscription package for five dollars per month and 54.89 dollars per year.
  • Moreover, repeat mode is the best feature of the Pandora Plus subscription


  • Premium  members can avail all the features of Pandora Free and Pandora Plus
  • You can acquire the subscription for $9.99/month or 109.89 dollars per year

Premium Family

  • Offline songs
  • On-demand
  • Nearly six users can simultaneously make use of the account credentials

Activate the Pandora channel on Roku streaming player

  • All you have to do is, find the channel under the Roku channel store's Music category
  • Tap on the Add Channel option and tag along with the onscreen directives

When prompted to enter the Pandora account details, just furnish it.

For more information visit us at the or call us at the toll-free number +1-855-602-1890.

HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 Set up Process

HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 is a printer cum scanner that is helpful in printing, scanning and photocopying documents, photos etc. The OfficeJet Pro 6968 works on both a wired as well as a wireless network connection.

Removing the tapes, cardboard packaging materials from inner and outer the tray doors, place the cartridge in the slot.

But you should do this after removing the protective tape over the copper contact of the cartridge.

Either connect your OfficeJet Pro 6968 using a power cord or a wireless network and load the paper into the paper trays.



Converting your HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 from USB to a Wireless Network

Converting your HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 from USB to a Wireless Network requires you to have a Windows or MAC computer that are connected to the Wireless Network.

Clicking on the start button of your Windows PC, search for HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 driver software.

Selecting the same, click on 'Utilities or Tools', then click on 'Device Setup and Software'. After this step, a dialog box may pop up, click on 'Yes' to allow changes to windows, if prompted.

Then, you should click on the option 'Convert a USB connected device to wireless'. If you do want the network setup to automatically retrieve your wireless network settings, then select the option 'yes'. Select no so that you can manually enter your Network name and password, in any other case.

Following the on screen prompts, finish the HP OfficeJet Pro 6968's wireless network setup by selecting next on the dialog box.

How to scan using your HP OfficeJet Pro 6968


In order to scan using your HP OfficeJet Pro 6968, install the scanner driver set up. Following the on screen prompts, finish the set up process post which you can scan your documents.

On the scanning glass, close the lid before placing the document that you want to scan and pressing the scan button to scan away at your documents.

For more information visit us at the HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 Printer or call us at the toll-free number +1-855-602-1890

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How to control your cable using TCL Roku TV remote codes?

We all know that Roku devices are gaining lot of demand in the market, and TCL is one of the fastest growing Tv brands in America, and they offer one of the highest quality TV’s in the market, the partnership with Roku has bought the viewers a magnificent high-quality product that is having the highest picture quality.

With the help of TCL’s hardware and the Roku streaming content the TCL Roku TV is a beast and enter the TCL Roku TV remote codes in order to control your cable or satellite, if you are having any of the Roku troubleshooting issues then you can seek help from customer service for Roku or can visit

The process of Roku streaming stick activation may involve any of the Roku streaming stick setup issues and these Roku error codes or troubleshooting Roku issues are to be solved with the help of Roku technical support.

The Roku error codes or the troubleshooting Roku issues generally occur and those are to be resolved with the help of Roku technical support and there are also some of the other Roku error codes which can be easily resolved by the perfect guidelines from Roku technical support team.

Sometimes there might be errors like Roku remote not working, Roku overheating issues, Roku error codes which may occur due to the network issues.

What are TCL TV and Roku remote?

As the TCL remotes and the sensor work based on the infrared technology, the TCL is completely compatible with the universal remotes and also other cable remotes that use IR as well, this means that you can use these remotes to control your TCL Roku TV and also your Roku device.

But not all the functionalities of a TCL Roku TV can be explored by using a regular old universal remote and that is the reason why TCL has given the option of setting and customizing the remote to its functionalities and this can be done by using the TCL Roku TV remote codes that are available below the table.

But also mind that not all the remotes can be customized in the same way, there are lot of service providers, and there are lot of models of TCL Roku Tv and each of the combinations requires a very different codes and follows various steps to make this customization possible.

If you face any of the Roku troubleshooting issues then you can seek help from customer service for Roku or you can also visit to know about the Roku troubleshooting issues that you are coming across.

What are the limitations of TCL Roku remote codes?

There are few limitations and for instance not all of the universal remotes can be programmed with all the buttons on the TCL Roku Tv and remote, if it is a basic standard remote then you can also customize the power and also volume and can select the input buttons only.

On the other hand, if the Roku remote is an extended one then you can easily customize a wide range of things for example back button, home button, up, down, right and left navigations replay buttons, play/pause button, reverse scan, and forward scan buttons. All of these along with whatever you can do on the basic remotes.

By default, these remotes are locked out from being able to control Roku for obvious reasons, but also you can change this and have a cable remote or a universal remote to control Roku and the Roku TV, and it is not a big deal and helps in customizing TCL Roku TV remote codes and are fairly easy to do so.

If you are facing any of the problems in limitations then you can contact customer service for Roku or can visit in order to get updated with many of the latest devices and might gain knowledge about the Roku error codes and Roku troubleshooting issues.

what happens if service providers code is not listed?

If you wanted to customize the whole thing by your remote then use the TCL Roku TV remote codes but don’t see a code for your service provider and you will have to ask your service provider about it, you can also download the codes in a PDF format from here and then visit TCL’s site for more information, by customizing the remote means that you don’t have to juggle between the cable and the TCL remote anymore.

Some types of Roku error codes and troubleshooting Roku issues are common and sometimes these Roku error codes may belong to the Roku streaming stick setup issues and all you need to do is seek help from Roku Technical support and resolve all your troubleshooting Roku issues.

If you come across any of the issues while using this TCL remote codes then you can contact customer service for Roku, where the Roku technical team comes into existence to resolve all the troubleshooting Roku issues, if not then you can visit to gain more knowledge about the Roku error codes and some of the troubleshooting Roku issues.

There are also some other channel codes which can activate other Roku channels and can entertain you all the time without any troubles, there are many types of troubleshooting Roku issues and all those Roku error codes can be resolved only by Roku technical support.


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Bruins beat Ducks 3-0 for 4th straight win

By thechampionrings, 2019-02-16

ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) The Boston Bruins(Boston Bruins championship rings) have been trending in the right direction for a while.

Jaroslav Halak is starting to round into form again. Halak made 30 saves in his fourth shutout of the season, and the Bruins beat the Anaheim Ducks(custom Anaheim Ducks championship rings) 3-0 on Friday night for their fourth consecutive victory.

''It's a team effort all the time,'' Halak said. ''Like anytime we win a game or I get a shutout, it has to be everybody on the same page and I think tonight we were for 95 percent of it, and that makes you successful. We opened up the trip on the right note.''


Noel Acciari and Jake DeBrusk scored for the Bruins, who have earned at least a point in nine consecutive games. Chris Wagner added an empty-netter with 1:31 remaining. Halak has won consecutive starts since a 1-4-2 stretch during which he allowed 23 goals. Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy attributed the rough patch to the defense's inability to clear traffic from in front of the net and give the Slovakian goalie a chance to see the puck. ''He had a real hot streak at the start, cooled off a little,'' Cassidy said. ''A product of both those streaks is usually the team in front of you. You play well, they keep the net clear, the goalie is going to look good.''

Halak did his part, denying Corey Perry(nhl championship rings) on an odd-man rush that was set up by Rickard Rakell's stellar backhand pass in the opening minute of the second period. Halak also got some help when defenseman Brandon Carlo deflected Brandon Montour's follow-up shot of a breakaway by Ducks rookie forward Max Jones late in the first period. Jones didn't have the angle he wanted initially and hesitated to shoot after racing past three Bruins at the blue line, allowing Halak to square up and make the initial save. ''A couple of times I got help from my D by clearing the puck or making a save for me, but I think it was a good effort,'' said Halak, who got his 46th career shutout.

Acciari put the Bruins in front 5:31 into the first period when he tipped Carlo's powerful slap shot past Boyle, ending a 16-game scoreless streak. The Bruins made it 2-0 on DeBrusk's power-play goal 5:07 into the second. Anaheim goalie Kevin Boyle got caught out of position after challenging David Krejci, who easily skated past the rookie and fed DeBrusk for an easy tap-in. DeBrusk scored for the second straight game.

''Yeah, I was grinding for that one, that's for sure,'' DeBrusk joked. ''It was pretty much lying in the crease and I had a front-row view to it, and it was just nice to be in the right place at the right time and help the team.'' The Ducks have dropped 20 of their past 23 games. They have been shut out three times in their past nine games and scored a total of nine goals in that span. ''You can't expect to shut teams out every night,'' Ducks defenseman Josh Manson said. ''It's unfortunate, but we know we have to score(championship rings for sale). It doesn't change anything for us.''


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3 Hacks to Become an Expert in Pay per Click Advertising

Since a major part of marketing lies today in the online platform, the demand and the necessity for online advertising has both increased by a huge amount. Being equally competitive as anything else, marketing professionals know that to achieve their targets, they have to be experts, especially in pay per click advertisements. Given below are three hacks or tips that one can follow to become an expert in PPC and increase engagement with customers.

Basic knowledge about the platforms

You can become a PPC expert easily if you have adequate knowledge about the major platforms that are significant and this will increase the possibilities as well. There are systems as well that even offer certificates for the programs they offer. Studying and gaining knowledge about these platforms is the best way to become an expert. These platforms will slowly be the workstation and act as tools to use for any advertising campaigns. So, having enough knowledge to be able to work comfortably in any of them is the key.

Preference of Audience

Any advertising will aim for capturing the attention of the audience. This can be well understood if the specific social media is known where most of the target audience is found to be online. This will help to gauge the kind of products and advertisement they like. Accordingly the reach of the products or services to the particular target audience can be enhanced and they can be tempted to click when they see such preferred advertising.  Additionally, their choices about products, brands and features should be kept in mind as well.

Learning from experience

Campaigns will start becoming successful slowly and steadily. One should take the failures and growing stage importantly, and if possible, note down the important details. This will teach about what one needs to do in similar cases in future. Experience is the best guide that one can have for PPC advertising.

Even if you are not an expert, your business can seamlessly adopt PPC advertising with the aid of professionals. Click here to avail professional help.

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RM3: review systems

By rm3canada, 2019-02-16
RM3: review systems

Having trouble getting your customers to leave reviews for your business? Our state-of-the-art Review Solicitation and Management system makes it super easy for anyone to leave a review, even non-techie types. Our system is tech-savvy so you don’t have to be! We take care of everything for you. With our suite of Review Management tools, you can start collecting positive reviews on the directories that matter to your business. From getting reviews on Google to TripAdvisor to Better Business Bureau and 100s of other sites, our system sets your company up for success. RM3 – simplifying the process of getting reviews.

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You may have friends, neighbors, or coworkers that all they do is talk about their Instant Pots. What they are is a computer controlled pressure cooker and they look similar to a crock pot. They are, however, much better in many ways, especially speed, since they cook with pressure that forces the heat into the food and cooks it faster. You might wonder what all the fuss is about and what an instant pot is good for, so let me tell you.

If you’re On a Diet

Who's not on some kind of diet these days? But the beauty of an Instant Pot is that it can cook a wide variety of foods that are, not only healthy, but taste good too. One of the most incredible things is how fast these machines can cook foods like rice and vegetables.

You can literally throw in some rice, water, celery, onions, green peppers, and chopped ham, push a button and have everything cooked in 30 minutes. Some foods, like just vegetables, will cook in even less time, about 10 minutes or so when they are cooked alone in your instant pot. You don't need to add any grease, oil, or other fats; the food comes out naturally tasty in record time.

You Can Save Money with Your Instant Pot

The huge money saver, when it comes to using and Instant Pot , is with bulk foods you buy like beans. Normally, you'll have to cook beans for about 4 hours, after soaking them overnight in water. However, in an instant pot, you can cook them to perfection in just 40 minutes, yes you read that right.

You can make homemade baked beans with beans, chopped onions, kitchen gadget, and tomatoes with some ketchup, mustard, brown sugar, salt, black pepper, and hot sauce. The great thing about beans is that they are very high in fiber, protein, and complex carbohydrates while being very low in fat. When you add in all the vegetables, you've created a wealth of vitamins and good nutrition.

Not to mention, that if you buy your beans in the bulk food aisle of the store, you'll be getting the cheapest high protein, high fiber food you can buy and cooking it to perfection in just 40 minutes. There is not better high-quality food than beans at the price you can get them on the bulk food aisle.

The Instant Pot Is Great For Meats

If you like to buy tough cuts of meat and then cook them on low in your crock pot for 6 hours to soften them up, then the Instant Pot is for you. You can basically get that same long slow-cooked flavor and tenderness from your pressure cooker in about 35-40 minutes. That means, when you get home from work you can throw everything into the pressure cooker and be eating in a little over a half hour. Pretty hard to beat that.

So, if you love the slow cooked goodness of a crock pot but have trouble planning ahead, then get the modern computer controlled pressure cooker and put an end to all of your troubles.

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